California Natural Gas

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*   I acknowledge and agree that I will sign and return all the necessary documentation and forms (Attachment A for PG&E customers below) to YEP that may be required in addition to my application and that I am solely responsible to complete and return such information to YEP. Once completed, I will return the completed Attachment A for PG&E Customers to YEP via email at customer.care@yepenergyca.com, facsimile at 1.855.884.0560 or U.S. Mail to 5773 Woodway Dr., #700, Houston, TX 77057. Unless and until I return the completed documentation, YEP shall have no obligation to process my application for service.
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*   By clicking the below "I AGREE," I hereby (i) confirm that I am at least eighteen years old and legally authorized to change the Core Transport Agent (“CTA”) for the address listed above; (ii) authorize YEP to become my CTA; (iii) designate YEP to act as my agent to perform the necessary tasks to make this change(s) happen, and direct my current CTA, if applicable, to work with YEP to make this change(s) happen; (iv) acknowledge that I have received access to my Terms of Service Agreement ("TOS"), and I have been advised to print a copy of such TOS for my review and my records; (v) agree to purchase natural gas from YEP on the terms and conditions set forth in the TOS and this Internet Enrollment Authorization; and (vi) re-confirm that I am solely responsible to complete and sign all necessary documentation (Attachment A for PG&E Customer), will return such documentation to YEP via email, facsimile, or U.S. Mail, and understand that my application for service may not be processed until I complete and return such additional information. Further, I understand that I will have three federal business days to cancel my enrollment without penalty after I submit my authorization and receive a copy of my TOS (YEP will send a copy of my Terms of Service document via email, or upon request, via U.S. Mail, which will explain all the terms of the agreement and how to exercise this right of rescission).

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